Pelvic Floor FAQs

Pelvic Floor issues are rarely talked about as the symptoms can cause distress and embarrassment. There is no need to suffer in silence or accept these symptoms as a normal part of aging. The frst step is to dispel some of the myth by answering some of the frequently asked questions about Pelvic Medicine and Surgery




Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Pelvic Floor Disorders

Pelvic floor disorders occur when the “sling” or “hammock” that supports the pelvic body organs becomes weak or injured. The three primary sorts of pelvic floor disorders are:
Urinary incontinence, or absence of bladder control.
Fecal incontinence, or lack of bowel control.
Pelvic body organ prolapse, a problem in which the womb, bladder as well as bowel may “drop” within the vaginal canal and cause a lump through the genital canal

People with pelvic floor disorders might experience:

  1. Urinary system problems, such as urinary incontinence, an urgent demand to urinate, unpleasant peeing or incomplete draining of their bladder.
  2. Discomfort or stress in the vaginal area or anus.
  3. A feeling of heaviness in the pelvis or a bulge in the vaginal canal or anus.
  4. Muscle spasms in the pelvis.
What Are The Causes Of Pelvic Floor Disorders

Childbirth is among the major causes of pelvic floor disorders in women. Other causes can be attributed to menopause, prior surgical treatment or pelvic radiation, heavy training and straining, excessive weight, congenitally weak connective cells, and aging.

A National Institutes of Wellness study found that pelvic floor conditions come to be a lot more common as ladies age, affecting around:

  1. 10 percent of women between the ages 20 to 39.
  2. 27 percent of women between the ages 40 to 59
    37 percent of women between the ages 60 to 79
    Almost half of women between the ages 80 or older
Are Pelvic Floor Disorders A Normal Part Of Aging?

While pelvic floor disorders end up being a lot more common as a woman ages, they should not be considered as a normal or acceptable component of aging. These problems can have a significant effect on your lifestyle and self esteem. Thankfully, these conditions commonly can be improved or turned around with treatment.

What Causes Pelvic Pain?

Pelvic pain is very common and effects women of all ages. And can hamper their quality of life. Some women believe they should just put up with it. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are many options that work and are safe.

The best way to improve your situation is to make an appointment  with Dr Stephen Tugbiyele where he can assess the pelvic muscles, nerves, bones and organs to see if we can improve your quality of life.

When Should I seek Help For Pelvic Floor Disorders?

Many women don’t feel comfortable talking about health issues like pelvic floor conditions and their symptoms such as urinary incontinence and sexual disfunction. However, these medical problems are more common than you realize and they can be dealt with effectively. Women of all ages have the same issues, yet many don’t seek treatment and as a result, compromise their quality of life.

If you have a pelvic health problem, don’t think twice to read more about your treatment alternatives. If your physician does not deal with these concerns regularly, seek out a specialist. Urogynecologists like Dr Tugbiyele specialize in treating pelvic floor disorders

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